Dorby juices, nectars, and fruit waters
Apple juice

Dorby juices, nectars, and fruit waters

Dobry juices and nectars were launched in Russia in 1998. Since then Dobry has become a national brand widely recognized, liked and trusted. Over 70 mln. people in Russia drink juices, fruit waters, and nectars by Dobry with 30 mln. people giving them a preference over other brands.

Dobry juices and nectars varieties:
grapes; apple; apricot; orange; multi-fruit; peach-and-apple; pineapple; tomato; apple-rowanberry-cherry; apple-rowanberry- black currant; apple-rowanberry-raspberry; orange-and lemon

Dobry fruit water varieties:
cherry; grapes-bilberry-cranberry

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